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Whole Foods Sells Jello Shots For Grown Ups? Sign Us Up

Nothing like a jello shot to bring you back to the glory days of college parties and regrets. Luckily, Ludlow Cocktail Co. has created specialty jelly shots, as they call them, with a grown-up twist: they're all natural and come in unique craft-cocktail flavors. Because watermelon just won't cut it anymore. "We recommend that people eat them with a spoon, especially because we're adults now," Freya Estreller, founder and CEO of Ludlow Cocktail Co. told HuffPost. But the best news is that ... Read more

6 Tips For The Best Thanksgiving Turkey Ever

T-day may be the country's favorite secular holiday, but it's a bad time for Meleagris gallopavo. According to the National Turkey Federation, 88 percent of Americans will eat turkey on Thanksgiving. That statistic is even more remarkable when you factor in our foreign-born population and vegetarians. It's no secret that turkeys destined for the Raichlen table never see the inside of an oven. No, our turkeys cook in one of my many grills or smokers. Because my staff and I field so ... Read more

A Simple Kitchen Trick Will Change The Way You Peel Potatoes

Peeling potatoes sucks. It seriously sucks. Unfortunately, the starchy veg is the base of tons of recipes and has many other uses outside cooking. Luckily, our buddy Davy from Make Sushi figured out a way to peel potatoes that no only saves you a headache, it'll give your potatoes much more flavor. Start by slicing around the potato skin in a circular motion with a sharp knife. Then, throw the potatoes into some boiling water and let them cook. After your potatoes ... Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Hacking The In-N-Out Menu

If you've ever been to the West Coast, you probably know how amazing an In-N-Out burger tastes. No, it's not overrated, it's food perfection--one of the best foods California has to offer. California is all about beaches, great weather, and In-N-Out. As it slowly grows outward to places like Nevada and Arizona, and even pop-up locations in Toronto and Hong Kong, In-N-Out is slowly becoming more accessible to the world. If you haven't had it already, you will have In-N-Out at some point ... Read more

The Country's Most Lauded Female Chef Shares Her Secrets

There are few chefs in the country as successful as Dominique Crenn. Her restaurant, Atelier Crenn, has received almost every accolade out there. But one that stands out is her two Michelin stars - which made her the first woman in the US to hold such a distinction. So with that stamp on your resume how can you ever get diners to go further? For Crenn the answer was in writing a book that not only detailed her dishes, but showcased ... Read more

How Much Turkey Should I Buy For Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving details get overlooked every year, but one of the most important tidbits you WON'T want to forget is how much turkey you'll need to buy to make sure everybody gets a piece of the bird. This infographic, from Column Five Media, lays out all the basics for turkey-roasting, starting with that very important step: Portioning. Just remember the golden rule: If you buy one pound of bird for every guest, you're, well, golden. Also on HuffPost: (function(){var src_url="";if (typeof(commercial_video) == "object") {src_url += "&siteSection="+commercial_video.site_and_category;if ... Read more

This Kitchen Gadget Can Fix Your Lumpy Potatoes

Lumpy mashed potatoes are a sad sight, but definitely not uncommon. And for big meals in which many dishes have to be tended to -- ahem, Thanksgiving -- this is an all-too-common occurrence. No one's to blame, but there might be a simple solution that could rid the world of lumps in mashed potatoes entirely. It's called the Masha. (Seriously.) The Masha looks a whole lot like an immersion blender, but it is not. Immersion blenders will turn your potatoes into a ... Read more

These Are The Thanksgiving Sides People Really Want To Eat

There's a lot of talk about which Thanksgiving side deserves the most amount of real estate on your plate. Do mashed potatoes beat stuffing? Is cranberry sauce the actual unsuspecting favorite? This year we decided to stop wondering and get to the bottom of which side dish is the real darling on the big day. We polled, and the people spoke. Here's what your friends and family really want to see at your Thanksgiving spread. What do you do with ... Read more

The Most Freak-Tastic 'Frankenfoods' To Make For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about tradition, but traditions have to start sometime. Just think: You could be on the ground level of a new tradition of your very own by mashing up a bunch of your favorite foods and creating a monster feast no one will ever be able to forget (for better or worse). Your family will be wowed. They will be scared. They will be satisfied. But mostly, they will be thankful. So what you might call "Frankenfoods" -- gastronomical feats like KFC's ... Read more

The Best Way To Thaw A Turkey, Explained

There's so much prep when it comes to a big, homemade Thanksgiving dinner, but one of the most important steps is knowing how to get that turkey ready. Do you buy it fresh, or should you get a frozen one? There certainly are benefits to both. If you buy it frozen, the United States Department of Agriculture recommends three safe ways to thaw it, and they all take forethought and consideration: In the refrigerator, under cold water or in a microwave. But Josh Capon, ... Read more
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