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Looking Through the Lens of 'Flawless' Colored Glasses

This week we head to the Emotion Revolution Summit at Yale where the Flawless Foundation is proud to be one of the sponsors of an important collaboration between the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation. The Emotion Revolution is a groundbreaking movement that aims to change the climate in high schools and the dialogue surrounding emotional intelligence for our nation's young people. In preparation for this revolutionary event, we gathered a group of high ... Read more

Iowa City Council Candidates Inspire Vote With Climate Action, Green Economy Initiatives

While the nation focuses on the presidential caucus races, the extraordinary campaigns of four Iowa City council candidates in November's upcoming election have inspired local voters to put the famed "UNESCO City of Literature" in the forefront of flourishing green economy and climate action proposals. "The old adage 'all politics is local' has been updated to 'all climate change is local,'" said Geoffrey Lauer, an Iowa City native and long-time community health advocate. "These four progressive candidates--the 'Core Four,' including Rockne Cole, ... Read more

Three Deceptively Simple Steps to Exponential Mobile Growth

In the mobile revolution, user behaviors and technology change at rapid pace. Every few weeks, people become more proficient with their mobile products. Every 18 to 24 month, they upgrade to a new one. What worked a month ago, no longer works today. What was enough in a given context, no longer is in a different environment. What seemed worth buying, is suddenly offered for free from a competitor. There is no slowing down. To be successful, mobile companies must adapt ... Read more

High School Reunion Disaster

I didn't want to go to the school reunion. It sounded like torture. But two best friends talked me into it. "It'll be a blast," said #1 best friend. "You can finally get revenge on the Nasty Girl who said that nasty thing to you when you were fifteen that you've never forgotten. Even your twins know about it, don't they?" said #2 best friend. Yes, that's correct. The Nasty Girl said something nasty to me. Even today it makes me ... Read more

Can the Broad Museum Threaten the Tate Modern?

The weird Karl Marx sculpture I have to admit that as a partisan of so-called "classical music" and great writing as summed up by the likes of Mark Twain and Beethoven, I've never been particularly impressed by modern art or grants-supported "serious music," forms of art mostly appreciated by the academic world. When my friend Anthea Raymond, the famed broadcaster (she ran KPCC for a while) and editor, invited me to see the Broad Museum on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles with ... Read more

Beat the Bias: 10 Ways to Become Politically Savvy

These days, we are bombarded daily on social media with political memes and articles that aren't exactly accurate, to say the least. It seems impossible at times to sort fact from fiction, and news from propaganda. So how do you keep yourself from drowning in a sea of misinformation? 1. Read opposing points of view. Until you look at both sides of an issue, you can't know for sure whether your beliefs are correct. "But I throw up ... Read more

13 Things Mothers of Boys Should Know

Having two daughters in no way prepared me for the birth of my son on the 3rd go round. The dirt, the mischief, the urine! Dear God the urine. The best way to describe my handsome little beast would be to morph Dennis the Menace and Curious George. Buttons must be pushed, doors must be opened, remotes must be taken apart. Things must be broken and smashed merely to find out if they can be. Like a moth to a flame, ... Read more

Equal Pay for Equal Results

Hearing Anne-Marie Slaughter speak at Fortune's Most Powerful Women last week was nothing short of exhilarating. I've long been a fan of Slaughter's approach to changing strategies for greater equality, focusing not on changing attitudes or rallying working women to try harder, but on changing policies and systems. At the Fortune event Slaughter, summarized some of the critical aspects of her new book, Unfinished Business. As the New York Times Book Review said, the highlight of Slaughter's work is when she recommends ... Read more

Artist Stefania Batoeva's First American Show Hits Los Angeles

("Dark Rivers Boss," by Stefania Batoeva. Image courtesy of Nicodim Gallery and the artist.) While many art lovers, buyers and dealers are off overseas at major art shows like FIAC (this week) and Frieze (last week), Mihai Nicodim turned the L.A. crowd onto Bulgarian artist Stefania Batoeva, with her first solo exhibition in the United States entitled "Speeding to the Corner." While Batoeva lives in London, where she just recently graduated from the Royal College of Art, gallerist Nicodim felt that it was ... Read more

Obama's Last Stand on Afghanistan: A Strategy With No Foresight

President Obama's decision to slow the troop drawdown from Afghanistan is hailed by some as the 'right decision.' But this 'right war' had done much wrong to the people of Afghanistan and like most U.S. foreign policy blunders; this one too misses the point. Afghanistan's current instability has resulted from a U.S. foreign policy miscalculation of giving up long-term strategies for regional stability in favor of short-term 'band-aid' solutions. Such quick fixes have usually unraveled in a year ... Read more
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